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I work with my clients to provide a safe space to explore emotions, gain insight and develop coping strategies.

I help adolescents, adults and seniors navigate various life challenges. Right from awareness of the underlying concerns, processing emotions, addressing unfinished business and finally achieving integration, I support my clients by holding space that is safe and non-judgemental.

About Me

Dhanishta Shah

Counselling Psychologist

I am deeply rooted in the principles of Gestalt therapy, which focus on the here and now, emphasising the importance of self-awareness and personal responsibility. In therapy sessions, I work collaboratively with clients to help them understand their current thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in the context of their past experiences. We explore patterns and unfinished business that may be hindering personal growth, all while fostering a greater connection to the present moment.

I also believe that to a large extent, the relationship is the therapy. Hence, I focus on providing an empathic, non-judgemental safe space for the clients, and I strive to provide a space to hold their emotions.

I have a Masters in Counselling Psychology from SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai. The course included a 9-month supervised internship

I am a Gestalt Certified Associate from Anil Thomas Fellowship

I also hold a Masters in Special Education (Psychological Perspectives) from the University of London

Along with my independent therapy practice, I am also a freelance writer, and I review books for mental health professionals and educators.

Therapy focus

Safe space to explore emotions

Counselling provides a Safe-space to explore emotions, gain insights and develop coping strategies.

If offers a Non-judgemental environment where you can freely express yourself. 

There is Strict confidentiality to protect your privacy. 

Counselling is an empowering process

It is a journey where clients actively engage in self-exploration, skill-building, and problem-solving, guided by the expertise of a trained professional. It offers a structured pathway towards personal growth, improved mental health, and a better quality of life.

It helps address a variety of personal, emotional, psychological and interpersonal challenges.

Age Groups

I work with clients from ages 15, right up to the geriatric population aged 90 and above.

Young Adults


Client Concerns

Client concerns can be varied. Presented below are a few of the concerns that clients may have


  • Academic and work-related stress
  • Facing anxiety and overwhelming emotions
  • Mental health challenges


  • Identity development
  • Body image struggles
  • Existential worries
  • Self-image concerns
  • Value self growth through therapy


  • Relationship issues
  • Dealing with old age
  • Caregiver burden
  • Struggling with difficult family members

Mood / Emotions

  • Emotional regulation
  • Emotional resilience
  • Overall psychological well-being

Life Events

  • Coping with life transitions
  • Grief and loss
  • Grappling with changes

Personal Growth

  • Setting boundaries 
  • Promoting personal growth

The journey

The Counselling Process

Our trajectory

Exploring the problem
In the very first session, I will explore the presenting concerns that have brought you to therapy. We will look at how you define the problem and associated symptoms if any. In this session and the next I would also take up a detailed case history.
Planning and goals
At this stage, we work together in a collaborative manner to identify the goals for the therapy. We decide the course of the intervention and the frequency. This happens somewhere around the second or third session.
At this stage we work together to develop awareness and insights that bring us closer to the therapy goals. What this stage looks like can be vastly different for different clients and their unique concerns. It could involve a lot of talking and listening, exploring feelings and emotions, trying out certain skills and techniques, experiencing catharsis, building awareness and insight, and holding emotions and overwhelming feelings by creating a safespace for you.
The way I see closure in therapy is a point when you have dealt with unfinished business and are ready to move on, assuming full awareness and responsibility of your life. In other words, you have achieved integration. At this stage, the sessions will slowly taper and the frequency of the same will be reduced.
This indicates the closing of one chapter, that is therapy, and the beginning of a new one where you move ahead with new insight and understanding. This is the official end of therapy.

“The process of therapy is a gradual unravelling. Bit by bit. Session by session. As trust develops, as comfort increases, the defences come down. As the client faces their deepest fears, thoughts, patterns and narratives, something thaws. There is an insight, an awareness and an integration of sorts. And that is the magical moment, when we look back and see how we have evolved”


Get your queries answered

I offer virtual services and I take offline sessions in Mumbai, India. Please contact me for further details.
1 hour.
Please contact me directly to discuss rates.
I do believe that a strong therapeutic alliance or therapeutic relationship plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of therapy. It typically takes about 3 sessions to determine if it’s a good match.
No. I am a counselling psychologist, and psychologists don’t prescribe medication. However, if I feel that you may require medication, I would refer you to the relevant expert, and you take it forward from there. Sometimes there may be a need to collaborate with your doctor or psychiatrist, and in such cases I would do so.

If you’re unable to make it to a session, you must cancel at least 12 hours in advance. If you cancel with less than 12-hours notice, you will be responsible for the full cost of the session. However, I do understand life/emergencies happen and am as flexible as possible to accommodate for this.

The cancellation policy is described and outlined in the consent form, which is given to the client in the first session.


Healing is a priority. My Clients agree.

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